About Torenda

Torenda was established in 1969 and is formerly known as “Toko Renda.” Since we started, we have served consumers’ fashion needs locally and in many other parts of Asia. Torenda has always been the go-to spot for many designers and individuals who want to create their own with many items to choose from.
Our product ranges from Laces, Stones, Buttons, Feathers, Crystals, Pearls, and much more for you to unleash your creativity. We are also the authorized distributor for Swarovski in Indonesia. Torenda also has accessories ranging from party necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clutches, party purses, and masks to complete your outfit and make it more exciting.
Torenda has its very own private label and ensures the highest quality of product at an affordable price to achieve the highest order of customer satisfaction. We are constantly innovating each and every day to give the best for our consumers. 
So no need to worry about our product's quality and get your fashion needs from us because Torenda is the one-stop solution for all your fashion needs. 

We are available offline at Plaza Indonesia and Senayan City.